I am a girl from cold Norway with a big and warm kind heart, sensual character. In addition, I am no less beautiful in appearance - I have refined facial features, long blonde hair, a Hollywood smile. Also, I can't help but mention my magnificent figure, which is worthy of admiration - high growth, long thin legs, firm abs and sexy parameters of the bust and hips. Possession of such luxurious looks helped me become a sought-after model. I appear in glossy magazines and in advertisements for famous brands, as well as participate in major fashion shows. With all this in mind, one of the men in this auction will be very lucky to spend their first night with me.


Belinda's personal details

Saudi Arabia Riyadh

Age: 19 years old

Hair color: blonde

Hobbies: yacht trips and self-education

Starting price at auction: $ 28,000

Desired price: $ 299,000

Photos with Belinda

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