Hello! I am a radiant girl Daniela with curvaceous forms and good-natured character. I am 26 years old, and I decided that I was ready to enter into an intimate relationship. That is why I put my virginity up for auction. Friends used to wonder why I had no sexual experience in my age. However, I believe that a girl should keep her innocence as long as she wants and not be equal to the pressure of society. If you feel the same, then I will be glad to meet you and share pleasant emotions. In addition to a similar opinion on the topic of virginity, I am ready to charm you with my charm and gentle voice. I agree to provide a certificate from the doctor and communicate with you after intimate contact.


Daniela's personal details

Belgium Brussels

Age: 26 years old

Hair color: fair-haired

Hobbies: swimming and creation

Starting price at auction: $ 15,000

Desired price: $ 131,000

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