Hello! First, let me introduce myself - my name is Midia. I am 19 years old, and I think that I am already ready for my first intimate relationship. That's why I put my virginity up for sale at this auction. Now I will describe my external characteristics - long straight hair, pretty face, neat lips. My height is 167 cm, weight 50 kg, my body is in toned shape (because I regularly go to the gym and go swimming). Despite the fact that I have small breasts, I love clothes with a neckline and, in general, prefer feminine looks. If you are interested in me, then I am waiting for your application.


Midia's personal details

Iraq Baghdad

Age: 19 years old

Hair color: dark

Hobbies: gym, swimming, handicrafts

Starting price at auction: $ 22,000

Desired price: $ 182,000

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