Hello men! Are you ready to buy my virginity dearly and spend the hottest night with me? I have no experience with sex, but I am sure I can impress you with my hot Spanish temperament. In addition to my passionate nature, I look just as sultry. I have a searing appearance with sensual lips and attractive eyes. And besides, I have a tanned sexy body, which is adorned with large breasts and a thin waist. I adore beautiful dresses and sexy underwear, and I also take pictures in the most spicy images. I am ready to discuss the details of the future intimacy, but only in person. For example, at a romantic dinner in a restaurant.


Pauline's personal details

Spain Madrid

Age: 19 years old

Hair color: black

Hobbies: erotic photos and rest by the sea

Starting price at auction: $ 16,000

Desired price: $ 240,000

Photos with Pauline

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