My name is Thelma, hello! I am a pretty skinny little girl. Everything is natural for me, as I am for natural beauty. By nature, I am sweet and perceptive, I love everything romantic. At the age of 23, I remain a virgin. Because I want a gentle partner, but I have never met such a partner. If you are a calm and affectionate man, then I will consider your candidacy. A little more about me. I am finishing my studies at the university and am in a group of volunteers, I have big plans for life. And the first thing I want to do is find a man who will buy my virginity.


Thelma's personal details

Montenegro Podgorica

Age: 23 years old

Hair color: dark

Hobbies: photographic art and roller skating

Starting price at auction: $ 21,000

Desired price: $ 106,000

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